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Visit for the latest from Disfunction (horrorpunks in 21) and the Necro21 label.

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DISFUNCTION Live Video 7-5-14

DISFUNCTION (horrorpunks in 21) recently opened for Darrow Chemical Company! Here is the full set with great sound and video from multiple angles!:

A Special Message from The Crimson Ghost!

A special message from Necro21 and The Crimson Ghost!

Wolf’s Endeavor new album: ‘The Horror’

Wolf’s Endeavor’s new album, ‘The Horror’, features 13 new songs including a punk/thrash cover of “Thriller”.  It is available on CD and MP3 at, as well as in digital formats at … Wolf’s Endeavor’s website features lyrics, audio, and pictures.


DISFUNCTION releasing ‘Death Door #432’ e.p. CD

DISFUNCTION (horrorpunks in 21) is releasing the 4-song ‘Death Door #432’ e.p. on CD.  It is available in the Merchandise section.  Features harder/faster alternate versions and remixes of “Death Door #432”, “The Escape”, “Evil Dead II”, and “Til Death”.

Wolf’s Endeavor 13-song album, ‘Fahrenheit 451’

New 13-song album from the guitarist of DISFUNCTION!  ‘Fahrenheit 451’ is available for download at and in download or CD format at in the Wolf’s Endeavor reverbstore.  (BUY IT on CD or as MP3 at Amazon HERE)

New DISFUNCTION / Necro21 Skateboard Decks… Coming Soon!

The latest limited edition DISFUNCTION / Necro21 skateboard decks are designed and will be available soon!

Necro 21 release #4: Wolf’s Endeavor

Necro 21 releases the self-titled 7-song CD from WOLF’S ENDEAVOR.  The hard copy contains full-color insert, traycard and disc.  Also available for mp3 download.  Wolf’s Endeavor is a side project headed by Disfunction’s guitarist, The Lance.  The musical style on this release is very reminiscent of The Misfits.  Songs include “Thundrous Applause”, “No Fate”, “First Blood”, “Outlanders”, “Hysterical”, “Planet of the Apes”, and “Boiler Room”.  Mp3s are now  available for purchase at The Wolf’s Endeavor Reverb Store, on BandCamp, and on CD and MP3 at Amazon.

Necro 21 release #3: DISFUNCTION’s ‘free radicals / horrorpunks’ CD

free radicals / horrorpunks CD cover DISFUNCTION printed a limited edition CD of 21 copies for ‘free radicals in a 21st century’, which features demo mixes of six very old songs, a couple of new song demo mixes, and three demo mixes of tracks from ‘Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night’ sessions. A full release with final mixes is expected in the future.

‘Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night’

DISFUNCTION is releasing its newest CD, ‘Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night”!  The new disc features 3 new studio tracks and 13 live tracks from 2010 & 2011.  Track listing: “Influx” (studio), “Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night” (studio), “Massacre at 708” (studio), “Til Death”, “Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night”, “United We Skate”, “Death Note”, “Evil Dead II”, “More Than Meets The Eye”, “Last Request of 2012”, “Trailer”, “Paranoid”, “Money 2”, “Raised by Wolves”, “Massacre at 708”, “Death Door #432”

You can purchase ‘Necro Viral Frenzy in 21 Night’ by PayPal in our Merchandise Section.

Go to for more info on DISFUNCTION.

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