‘Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night’

DISFUNCTION is releasing its newest CD, ‘Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night”! ┬áThe new disc features 3 new studio tracks and 13 live tracks from 2010 & 2011. ┬áTrack listing: “Influx” (studio), “Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night” (studio), “Massacre at 708” (studio), “Til Death”, “Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night”, “United We Skate”, “Death Note”, “Evil Dead II”, “More Than Meets The Eye”, “Last Request of 2012”, “Trailer”, “Paranoid”, “Money 2”, “Raised by Wolves”, “Massacre at 708”, “Death Door #432”

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