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VERY Limited Edition Disfunction/Necro21 Skateboard with Spiral, Disfunction logo, and Red Blood Lettering. $30 while supplies last! Pro quality boards made in U.S.A. 8 x 32 with kick-ass concave!


Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night CD . 3 studio cuts followed by 13 live songs!
Tracklist: ”Influx”, “Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night”, “Massacre at 708″, “Til Death” (Live at Hoops), “Necro-Viral Frenzy in 21 Night” (Live at Hoops), “United We Skate” (Live at Hoops), “Death Note” (Live at Hoops), “Evil Dead II” (Live at BackBooth), “More Than Meets The Eye” (Live at BackBooth), “Last Request of 2012″ (Live at BackBooth), “Trailer” (Live at Backbooth), “Paranoid” (Live at Taste), “Money 2″ (Live at Taste), “Raised by Wolves” (Live at Taste), “Massacre at 708″ (Live at Taste), “Death Door #432″ (Live at Taste)
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Monsters From A Different World … Creatures of a Different Breed CD (full-color glossy) in thin Jewel Case. $5 each. 11 studio cuts of classic DISFUNCTION songs.
Tracklist: ”More Than Meets the Eye”, “Evil Dead II”, “The Escape”, “Last Request of 2012″, “Paranoid”, “Death Note”, “Money 3″, “Death Door #432″, “Raised by Wolves”, “Not of This World”, and “Til Death”.
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Death Door #432 e.p. CD $5 each. 4 of the hardest tracks DISFUNCTION has recorded. Tracklist: “Death Door #432” (original recording remixed and properly released for the first time), “The Escape” (Turbo Fast Version!), “Evil Dead II” (Turbo Fast Version!), and “Til Death” (Remixed version).
Limited edition.
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Vinyl Records
More Than Meets The Eye vinyl with CD-R copy.
Two tracks: “More Than Meets The Eye” & “Paranoid”
DISFUNCTION T-Shirts! $5. Hand printed by the band!

Black with green skull

Ladies’ Black Tank-Top with green skull

White with black skull and logo on back

T-shirt styles (specify size preference in order comments)

Disfunction skull bandannas – Hand printed by the band and packed with header card! Various color combinations available! $5 each

White w/ green skull

Purple with green skull

Black with green skull

Pink with black skull

Red with Black skull

Various Styles – Choose your preferences

Horrorpunks in 21 – DISFUNCTION armbands. Hand made! Sewn and printed by the band! Various colors. $10.

Red with black print

Yellow with black print

Choose Color Options

Necro21 patches. Various colors. Some with colored splatter.

Various Styles. (May have colored splatter!)

Various Disfunction buttons. 1 inch round. 50 cents each or 3 for $1. Please specify preferred colors/designs.

Choose Style, or specify preferred styles if 3 for $1

Various DISFUNCTION – Horrorpunks in 21 stickers. Large and small. 2 designs. Free!

Free with purchase (reasonable qty)


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