‘Monsters from a Different World / Creatures of a Different Breed”

DISFUNCTION’s 11-song CD, ‘Monsters from a Different World / Creatures of a Different Breed”, is the first release on the NECRO 21 label.  The track list includes: “More Than Meets The Eye”, “Evil Dead II”, “The Escape”, “Last Request of 2012”, “Paranoid”, “Death Note”, “Money 3”, “Death Door #432”, “Raised by Wolves”, “Not Of This World”, and “Til Death”.

Order in our Merchandise Section by PayPal, or get it at a DISFUNCTION show!

Go to www.horrorpunksin21.com for more information on DISFUNCTION

DISFUNCTION to open for THE MISFITS (again!)

DISFUNCTION (horrorpunks in 21) will be opening for THE MISFITS for the second time on November 17, 2011 at Firestone Live in Orlando, FL.

Tickets are available at http://www.horrorpunksin21.com

Necro 21’s new website – WELCOME

Necro 21 is the new label of Horrorpunks in 21 – Disfunction.
More info on Necro 21 coming soon.
Get more info on Horrorpunks in 21 – Disfunction at

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