(original version written by Rod Temperton)
it’s close to midnight – and something evil’s lurking through the dark – under the moonlight – you see a sight that almost stops your heart – you try to scream – but terror takes the sound before you make it – you start to freeze – as horror looks you right between the eyes – you’re paralyzed – because this is thriller – thriller night – and no one is going to save you from the beast about to strike – you hear the door slam – and realize there’s nowhere left to run – you feel the cold hand – and wonder if you’ll ever see the sun – you close your eyes – and hope that this is just imagination – but all the while you hear a creature creeping up behind – you’re out of time – because this is thriller – thriller night – there’s no second chance against the thing with the forty eyes – night creatures call and the dead start to walk in their masquerade – there’s no escaping the jaws of the alien this time – this is the end of the line – they’re out to get you – there’s demons closing in on every side – they forepossess you unless you change that number on your dial – now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together – all through the night – I’ll save you from the terror on the screen – I’ll make you scream – because this is thriller – thriller night – because I can thrill you more than any ghost would dare to try, girl – thriller – thriller night – so let me hold you tight and share a chiller – thriller tonight

in the year 200X

Megaman2_cropped_rightin the year 200X

robots in riot gear – industries inducing fear – dive-bombing at us from the sky – they were made for good – we don’t know why – androids, cyborgs gone rogue – who knew when we chose this road – exploited system or a gradualist scheme – paranoia or a madman’s dream – crusade through this technocracy – what’s the origin of the enemy – manufactured a utopian fantasy out of touch with humanity – in the year 200X

Red Pill Ethics

matrix pills smallred pill ethics

do you want to see the tragedy – the way we’re formed and wasted – do you really want to taste it – do you want to know what I know –  that everything you’ve been shown was to keep it hidden and unknown – and you will feel pain and disillusionment – you will know the suffering – is it worth it – do you want to feel the betrayal – though intuitively they agree, they repress to avoid suffering – so should you tell them – could they withstand – are they too set in their ways – would they follow you out of the haze – then they will feel pain and lack encouragement – they will know the suffering – is it worth it – should you take the red pill – ethics of the red pill



be all you can be – put a bullet in his chest, Charlene – perfectly clean – had it coming – identity lost – identity lost – war for what, and at what cost – preparing for war – who’s the hero – who’s the whore – who’s the slave that we adore – identity lost – identity lost – war for what, and at what cost

Road Warrior

roadwarriorchaseroad warrior

scarcity drags man down to a base level – economy – morality – how we yield to evil – mobility – self-sufficiency – and the will to travel – desperately defending from a world no longer civil – will we get away – fight for another day – dangers of the road – warrior – chaos – no control

Burn in Hell

hell devil bill and tedburn in hell

you were a horrible person – we can see – no positive film school legacy – you think you’re the judge – you don’t deserve a voice – no more of your vile words – let them burn with you without a trace – time for you to join your kind – burn in hell – no more raping the people’s minds – burn in hell

Zombie Hippies

zombie hippie picturezombie hippies

they’re coming for you – group force – searching out – surrounding – walls broken through – tortured moaning – stares numbing your views – set course – secret’s out – it’s happening – synapses broken – uncultured roaming – world engulfed by zombie hippies – unnatural life – they must die – not enough to only witness disaster’s tide – they must die



distant and tragic – cloaked the conscience – in pain – redemptive black magic – or corruption – in vain – want to believe there is love despite temptation in the things we do – betrayal far above – someone stronger watching over you – Vader!

Escape from NY

escape-from-new-york snakeescape from NY

they say they got the high ground – lookin’ down on me – they think they got the high ground – starin’ down at me – so tell me what you see – something so peculiar – from towers of deceit – do you see, & do you know – do you know your hatred inside – lookin’ down on me – can you feel it rising – blind pride hating down at me

The Horror

apocalypse-now-hdthe horror

cattle to the slaughter – headed up river – overwhelmed by … the horror! – worship my insanity! – cattle! – overwhelmed by … apocalypse! – cattle to the slaughter – headed up river – overwhelmed by … the horror!

Ministry of Love

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 11.31.22 PMministry of love

all your fears at once – all your strength beaten and withered away – now hail Leviathan – all the strength – by proxy – takes your will away – all you ever loved – all your hopes defeated – care not, lest you may stray – all hell, Leviathan – all the slaves by proxy take your will away – 1 0 1 – on earth as it is in hell – 1 0 1 – whose will be done – ministry of love

Die Hard

Die-Hard yippie ki yaydie hard

ordinary man with his back against the wall – never give up – survive – defeat them all – never give in to terrorists – go – always we will resist – go – go – die hard – go – go – yippie ki yay, motherfucker!

The New Batch

Gremlins2nesNewthe new batch

demons of technology – from shadows of our misplaced faith – corruption of our cities – engineering our dark fate – what good and simple truth – can you trust your eyes and hands – experiences of youth – and what evil lies within – inventions for fools – convenience has got you down – expose it to sunlight before it takes over your town

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